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Rabies Vaccination Clinics

Rabies Vaccination Clinics Set for 2009

WHEELING, WV The Ohio County Rabies Vaccination Clinics will begin on July 6th and will continue to July 21st. The clinics, sponsored by the Ohio County Animal Control office, are for the vaccination of family pets.

The Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department urges all Ohio County pet owners to take advantage of this low cost clinic and get their family pet vaccinated against rabies.Clinics are operated from 5:00pm -7:00pm and all animals must be on a leash or in a pet carrier.The cost is $5.00 per animal.

2009 Ohio County Rabies Vaccination Clinics

July 6 Madison Elementary School  Dr. Ruben
July 7 Warwood Elementary School  Dr. Welty
July 8 Ritchie Elementary School  Dr. Harrold 
July 9 Bethlehem Elementary School  Dr. Stoehr
July 10 Triadelphia Community Center  Dr. Welty
July 13 West Liberty Elementary School  Dr. Miller
July 14 Valley Grove Community Center  Dr. Yurko 
July 15 Woodsdale Elementary School  Dr. Harrold 
July 16 Triadelphia Middle School  Dr. Shondrick
July 17 City-County Building, Wheeling  Dr. Ruben
July 20 Bridge Street School (#1)  Dr. Yurko
July 21Bridge Street School (#2)  Dr. Miller

The Veterinarian or Ohio County Dog Warden reserves the right to refuse to vaccinate any animal deemed to be vicious or dangerous.All pet owners are responsible for cleaning up any mess made by their animals.

As a result of vaccination programs for dogs and cats in the United States, the incidence of domestic animal rabies has markedly decreased and in turn has led to a substantial decrease in rabies among humans.

In West Virginia owners of dogs and cats are legally required to have their dog or cat properly vaccinated or immunized against rabies. In addition to potential legal consequences, unvaccinated dogs and cats create serious problems by carrying rabies from wildlife into proximity with human populations.

In 2008, Ohio County received 22 reports of animal encounters with humans. Eighteen of the animal encounters involved people being bitten or scratched by dogs.The remaining 4 encounters involved bites or scratches from cats.

With regard to dogs, 14 of these dogs were considered pets while the other 4 dogs were strays.Seven of these dogs had their vaccination up to date while 7 of these dogs did not.The stray dogs were assumed to be unvaccinated.

The vaccination record for pet cats fared similarly with pet dogs.Of the 4 pet cats, 1 had their vaccinations up to date. Two of the cat vaccinations were delinquent or non-existent.Cats may not be commonly considered a potential source of rabies; however, outdoor domestic cats are often loosely owned and free roaming potentially bringing them into contact with rabid wildlife such as raccoons.

In March of 2009, a raccoon tested positive for rabies in Ohio County.This was the first confirmed animal rabies case in Ohio County for 2009.From 2000 - 2008 Ohio County has had 11 positive cases of rabies.West Virginia has seen over 960 in this same time frame.

In the US more cats than dogs have tested positive for rabies. In West Virginia cats are the most commonly diagnosed companion or livestock species diagnosed with rabies in West Virginia.Thirty-three cats were detected with rabies in West Virginia between 2000 - 2007.

For more information contact the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department at (304) 234.3682 or visit our website at www.ohiocountyhealth.com.

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