4-8pm @ WVNCC Teal Lab

Starting July 1, 2019 West Virginia will be using the 2013 FDA Food Code.  The 2013 Food Code requires all food establishments to have at least one management level employee who is certified in food protection by passing an ANSI-accredited exam.

The health departments of the Northern Panhandle have teamed up with WVNCC to offer a ServSafe Certification Training to meet the new requirement.

Certified Food Protection Manager  (CFPM)– at least one employee that has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and services shall be a certified food protection manager who has shown proficiency of required information through passing a test that is part of the accredited program, must be completed by July 1, 2020. This does not apply to retail food facilities where only commercially prepackaged food is handled and sold and temporary food establishments.

  • Starting with the 2020 Permit Applications; establishments must identify the CFPM (Name, Address, Phone and Copy of Certification)
  • The CFPM can be one (1) person per establishment; one (1) person can be used for multi location; person can be contracted.

WVNCC Continuing Education Program will hold a ServSafe Certification Trainings.  For more information or to register call (304) 214-8968.


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