Environmental Fees

  • Bed and Breakfast Permits expire June 30
  • Mass Gatherings Permits expire at the end of the event
  • Care Facilities Permits expire June 30
  • Schools Permits expire June 30
  • Mobile Food Units (In State and Out of State) Permits expire June 30
  • Organized Camp Permits expire June 30
  • Recreational Water Facility Permits expire December 31
  • Retail Food Stores Permits expire June 30
  • Mobile Retail Food Units (In State and Out of State) expire June 30
  • Temporary Food Service Establishments Permits expire per date on permit
  • Vending Machine Permits Permits expire June 30
  • Water Well Permits (new or repair) no expiration
  • Campground Permits Permits expire June 30
  • Child Care Centers Permits expire December 31
  • Farmers Markets Permits expire March 30
  • Food Service Establishments Permits expire June 30
  • Food Service Establishments with Liquor License Permits expire June 30
  • Farmers Market Permits expire December 31 (effective 2016)
  • Hotel/Motel Permits expire June 30
  • Individual and Innovative and Alternative Sewage Systems no expiration on permits
  • Mobile Home Parks Permits expire December 31
  • Portable Food Service Operation expire June 30 (NEW)
  • Subdivisions No expiration date on permits
  • Tattoo Studios Permits are valid for 1 year from date of issuance.
  • Body Piercing Studios Permits expire June 30
  • Sewage Cleaning Trucks Permits expire March 31
  • Heat Pump or Geothermal Well permit fee is determined by the ton rating of the heat pump machine.  When more than one heat pump machine is hooked together, the cumulative total of the ton rating is used to determine the fee.

Environmental Fees for Service

Individual Food Handler Cards

  • 2 Year County Card – $10.00
  • 2 Year State Wide Card – $20.00
  • Volunteer Card – Free (1 year)
  • Replacement Card – $5.00
  • On Line Food Cards – $20.00 (StateFood On Line Service) & $19.95 (TAP Series On Line Service)  Add an additional $10.00 for a State Wide Card
  • Volunteer cards can be issued at no cost to the organization or food handler. These cards cannot be used in a paid food service positions.

Home Loan Inspections/Water Testing

  • Individual Water Wells – $50.00 (Additional $15.00 fee, payable to the City of Wheeling Water Department)
  • Sewage – $100.00
  • Water & Sewage – $150.00
  • Additional visits – $50.00

Re-Inspection Fee

  • Routine or complaint based inspections do not apply to this fee. Criteria for the fee is defined in the Food Code (8-405.11, 8-405.20 and 8-406.11) and are billed to the facility, Fee: $20.00

Plan Review Fee

  • Small food establishment (0-20 seats) – $100.00
  • Medium food establishment (21-50 seats) – $200.00
  • Large food establishment (51 & over seats) – $300.00
  • Other (nonfood) facilities – $100.00
  • Conducted as part of the permitting process of a new food establishment and is based on seating of the proposed establishment. Fee is required prior to conducting the plan review and is separate from the Fee for Permit.

Permit Re-Issue Fee

  • All permits, including sewage issued through the health department, Fee: $10.00

Homeowners Sewage Installation Test

  • For health department administered septic installer tests to homeowners only. Fee is required prior to taking the test, Fee: $50.00

Animal Sample/Rabies Testing Fee

  • Non-human exposure. Fee is the health department’s cost of shipping specimen using Fed Ex/UPS. Resident is billed after shipment.

Prorated Fixed Expiration Date Permit Fees Formula

# of Months from Fixed Expiration Date & % Annual Fee to be Paid

  • < 3 months – 25%. of annual fee
  • 3 months to < 6 months – 50%. of annual fee
  • 6 months to < 9 months – 75%. of annual fee
  • 9 months to < 12 months – 100%. of annual fee

Late Fee for Expired Permits

A late fee of 25% for all expired permits listed in this rule will be applied to the permit fee schedule.Payment must be received within 10 days of the expiration date to avoid the late fee assessment.



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