Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department’s Project HOPE (Homeless Outreach Partnership Effort).

Project HOPE is a collaboration of medical, nursing, social work, pastoral care and other health care professionals who serve together on the street and in homeless shelters in Wheeling. They provide basic medical care, food, water, clothing, follow-up appointments and information on agencies and services.

Mission Statement:

Ensuring equal access to medical care for unsheltered men, women, and children. Bridging the gap between the homeless and the health care system through direct street outreach.  Creating relationships by dispensing medical care with compassion and respect, while maintaining dignity.


  • Improve access to medical care for the homeless, by linking them to primary care providers.
  • Breakdown stereotypes by promoting positive dialogues between the homeless and providers.
  • Create an environment of dignity and respect for the homeless and providers.
  • Promote health literacy, healthier lifestyles, and overall wellbeing.
  • Provide education for students of various disciplines to practice street medicine.




Outreach Team in Wheeling Outreach Clinic at Wheeling Freeze Shelter Members of Project Hope Outreach team with Dr. Jim Withers of Pittsburg homeless program 2018 Winter Walk Information HOPE Photos HOPE Photos HOPE Photos HOPE Photos HOPE Photos HOPE Photos


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