9am - 1pm @ St Michael Angelus Center

Community Shred & E-cycling event to help prevent identity theft and fraud.  Saturday, September 22, 2018 at the St Michael Angelus Center at 1225 National Road, Wheeling.  For more information call (330) 454-9401.

Accepted items:  appliances (small), batteries, cable, CDs, cell phones, circuit boards, computers, game consoles, ink & toner cartridges, IT equipment, keyboards, laptops, mouses, modems, monitors ($20 tube style only), MP3 players, phone systems, printers, routers, satellite boxes, servers, speakers, switches, telecom equipment, TVs ($20 tube style only), UPS units, video games and wire.

Sponsored by United Bank, Scrappy Pappy’s and the Better Business Bureau.


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