4:00pm @ WVNCC B&O Bldg.

FOOD HANDLERS CLASSES are for those working with foods and food service. The health department requires all food service workers to have a current food handler card, issued by the health department.

  • This course is required for all Ohio County employees that handle food and/or wash dishes.
  • The purpose of this course is to reduce food borne illness and teach sanitary food practices.
  • The course covers proper food handling practices that are required under the 2013 FDA Food Code.
  • Employees must obtain a valid food service worker card within thirty (30) days of hire.
  • A copy of this card must be kept at the place of employment.

Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) Trainings. WVNCC will offer CFPM certification training.  This training will be required as part of the 2013 US Food Code, which requires all food establishments in Ohio County, to maintain employment of a person who has successfully completed a CFPM Exam. Call (304) 214-8968 for more information.

Volunteer food service worker’s permit cards are issued at no cost to individuals working in volunteer settings.  These individuals receive no pay and the cards can not be used in a paid food service setting.  Volunteer cards are good for 1 year.

Online Food Handler Programs.  The Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department has partnered with, and  to offer online food service worker classes for purchase.  Individuals, whose schedules do not allow them to attend our in-person classes, should do one of these as an alternative.  (additional fees apply)

Registration and fee (2-year card $10, 2-year Statewide card $20) must be paid prior to the day of the class.  Classes are held at the City/County Building, 1st floor.  Pre-registration is required for the class.  Call (304) 234-3682.

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