Monday, April 6, 2020


Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department is reminding residents of the need to continue the practice of safe distancing when going to essential stores and facilities.

Stores like Target, Lowes, Walmart, Kroger and other similar essential service operations are open.  Residents need to remain at least 6 feet apart, practice hand hygiene and wear a cloth face covering.

Special food venues that have take out or pick up are also open, including Colemen’s Fish Market in Center Wheeling.  With the holiday weekend approaching, residents are reminded to maintain a 6-foot distance and wear a cloth face covering when waiting in line.

Ohio County and Ohio Valley residents are advised to limit public contact, implement social distancing, work at home where possible, wash your hands frequently and contact your personal physician if you become ill with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing.

As of April 3, 2020, the CDC is now advising the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and not know it from transmitting it to others. Cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials can be worn in public settings where other social distancing measures may be difficult to maintain.

The Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department is reminding Ohio Valley residents that if you are tested for COVID-19 that you are to remain in home isolation until you receive negative test results.  Individuals who test positive will be contact by a county health department and receive further instructions in regards to care and monitoring.

You should restrict activities outside your home, except for getting medical care. Do not go to work, school, or public areas. If you have a medical appointment, call the healthcare provider and tell them that you have or may have COVID-19 prior to arriving at the facility. This will help the healthcare provider’s office take steps to keep other people from getting infected or exposed.

The off-site Wheeling Hospital COVID-19 testing clinic continues operations.  Ohio Valley residents who are interest in being tested at this location should call the one-call number at (304) 221-3995. Testing is also available at Doctor’s Urgent Care, call (304) 232-0725 for more information.  MedExpress in Elm Grove is also testing for COVID-19, for more information call (304) 242-4228.