Twice a year health department issued permits come up for renewal. July and January.  Facilities such as Child Care Centers, Public Pools, Mobile Home Communities Sewage Cleaning trucks and Tattoo/Body Piercing operations were renewed in January.

The health department is now sending out renewal applications for all food service facilities, such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, school cafeterias, hospital cafeterias, day care kitchens, stadium concession stands, mobile food trucks, vending sites, and farmer’s markets starting in mid-May.  Other renewal permit applications that are going out are for Care Facilities, Hotel/Motel operations, Schools, Organized Camps, Campgrounds and Labor Camps.

New permits are required starting July 1, 2022.  If a new permit is not obtained by June 30, 2022, the operation is to cease until the permit is obtained.

Individuals or organization who are holding temporary events can apply for a Temporary Food Service permit per event.

Contact the health department if you have questions about your health permit or if you looking to open a permit covered business in Ohio County.  Call (304) 234-3682.