All Tattoo and Body Piercing Studios must have a permit from the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department. All facilities that do Micro Blading must obtain a tattoo studio permit.  The Environmental Health office of the WOCHD helps to protect the health of the citizens of Ohio County by permitting and inspecting all tattoo and body art studios.

Tattoo studios have been regulated since 1993 when the West Virginia Legislature passed House Bill 2565 (effective July 9, 1993). House Bill 2565 established standards for tattoo studios in Chapter 30, Article 33, of the West Virginia Code, including a $200 annual operating fee.

The 2001 West Virginia Legislature passed Senate Bill No. 268 which repealed Article 33 of Chapter 30 and moved the standards to a new Article 38 of Chapter 16. No changes were made to the standards. Below is a copy of the Code citation.

Please note that the standards require that tattoo studio operators comply with the Infectious Medical Waste Rule, 64 CSR 56. Small quantity generators (less than 50 lbs. per month of infectious waste) must develop and follow a management plan which includes information on storage procedures; labeling and packaging; treatment and disposal methods; transportation; and manifests. Tattoo studios should be advised that they may obtain a copy of the West Virginia Infectious Medical Waste Rule and the Small Quantity Generators Waste Management Guide from the Infectious Medical Waste Program.

Businesses that are either doing or considering micro blading or “make-up tattoo” should call the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department for information on permitting and for an inspection.  For more information call (304) 234-3682.