At the March 8, 2022, regular meeting of the Wheeling-Ohio County Board of Health, Erik Harris was sworn in as a new member of the board.

Erik Harris is a City of Wheeling appointment, representing Wheeling’s 4th Ward.  A lifelong resident of Wheeling, Erik graduated from The Linsly School and received a Bachelor’s degree from West Liberty University in 2006. Erik is currently employed by TroyRx, a healthcare technology company, where he is the Director of Software Operations.

Other members of the Board of Health include Elisabeth Slater, Esq., Ohio County Commission appointment; Tom Tuttle, R.Ph., Ohio County Commission appointment; Mathew Wood, D.O., Ohio County Commission appointment; John Holloway, M.D., City of Wheeling appointment and Chad Thalman, City of Wheeling appointment.

William S. Przybysz, M.D. who was appointed in June 2021, serves as the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Officer/medical director.

The Wheeling-Ohio County Board of Health holds regular board meetings every other month at the City/County Building in Wheeling.  Upcoming meetings will be held on May 17, 2022; July 12, 2022; September 13, 2022, and November 15, 2022.  All interested individuals or delegations wishing to address the Board of Health should contact the Health Department Administrator to be placed on the agenda.  The custom of an open meeting will be observed.